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Case Study Get Into Security With 12,000 Electronic Security Companies in the US, there are literally thousands of job openings available for job seekers at all levels. Get Into Security is a storehouse of resources on working in the electronic security industry, all in one place! Get into Security and secure your future.

The Electronic Security Industry

The Electronic Security Industry serves to protect homes, businesses and individuals from safety and security concerns. The industry includes a wide variety of security providers specializing in protection from intrusion, fire, flood, medical emergencies, falls, burglary, and weather concerns for both residential and commercial applications. Using cutting-edge technology, electronic security providers offer remote access control, video surveillance and monitoring, flood and fire monitoring, temperature and electricity control, all from your handheld device.

From The Beginning

“There is a huge demand out there for quality workers, honest workers that can go out there and sell a security system” Mike Harrison

The Electronic Security Association approached us about creating a website that would help them educate and attract job seekers to the industry. With the huge influx of handheld electronics and other easily accessible security devices, the Electronic Security industry is growing faster than the job market can support.

They needed a website that would attract a large audience in four main segmented categories; students, new beginnings, military and retirees. Additionally, they wanted a website that could be utilized as an educational resource for not only those seeking employment, but also for schools and recruiters. With the knowledge of what the ESA needed and full control over the site design, we were anxious to jump in.

The Request

The Ideal User Experience

A visitor that comes to is presented with infographics, artfully crafted statements and resonating photos that immediately demonstrate the value of a career in the Security Industry. As a respected organization in the Security space, the visitor can then trust the information presented and will seek out more information through a nicely organized website. Career Spotlights tell the stories of successful professionals in the security space. Quick facts throughout the site highlight the value of the career, “recession proof” job security, the feelings of fulfilment, growth and income potential. Combined with facts about the technicalities of the market and the upward trends, these spotlights intrigue the user to want to find out more about businesses in the area that might serve as a stepping stone in their career. Maybe they’ll go home and start a conversation with their mom, dad, spouse or friend about what they just read, or start to update their resume in order to submit it for consideration to a job they find through links on the website. They’ve become intrigued, educated and convinced that this industry is growing and becoming a part of it would put them on track for a successful career.

Identifying The Goals
 Craft a cutting edge design  Map out clean, easy navigation to boast site engagement  Establish an educational resource for the Electronic Security Industry

Making The Delivery

After kicking off the project with the project team, we quickly created a homepage mock-up of how we visualized the design coming together. From that moment we were fully invested in delivering an awesome site that would spotlight the Electronic Security Industry and provide a resource to the many job seekers that might not realize the career possibilities for them in the industry.

With the assistance of our copywriter, we were able to surface facts about the industry, educational material, job boards and job postings. Working with our clients we were able to stitch all of these wonderful resources together to build out one comprehensive site that touched on all aspects of finding and successfully landing a job in the industry.

What We Did
 Created a beautiful, fully responsive, full-width, modern site  Organized the site’s content to make it easy to quickly find what you are looking for  Integrated countless testimonials and stories from those who are currently in the industry  Created multiple career spotlights to pique the interest of possible job seekers

Where They Stand Today

2,500 ESA Member Businesses
100 Million Security Professionals Worldwide
77 Billion Projected Security Spending Worldwide in 2015

How We've Grown & Learned

Importance of Industry Facts and Insider Testimonials

Kristen Hamilton, Copywriter

They say seeing is believing. But for effective marketing, the copy must provide a “reason to believe” that your product or service can deliver. Coming in the form of facts, figures, testimonials, professional endorsements, even brand reputation, the reason to believe is what pushes prospective customers over the edge into believing and ultimately acting—with a click, call, or purchase. Our ESA partners were able to point us in the right direction to dig out those statistics and testimonials that brought their website and brand message to life.

Decision by Committee

Ashley Bird, Director of Operations

It is important that we work with clients that have one decision maker. For this project we worked with a large committee, all assigned to the project because of their different involvement in the project, however early on we identified one person in the committee to be the leader for the project. This allowed me as the project manager to have one main point of contact and one person to partner with on deadlines and to ensure we were able to keep to our projected timeline.

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