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Case Study DMA’s &THEN Conference The Global Marketing Experience.
By Marketers, for Marketers. The Direct Marketing Association's marquee event.

DMA's Marquee Event for 2015

&THEN is the DMA Annual Event reinvented by Marketers for Marketers. Bringing together the greatest minds in marketing, alongside amazing talent like John Legend, is guaranteed to shift every attendee's perceptions of marketing for years to come.

Co-created, designed and endorsed by the world’s best brands, DMA conferences and Events are destined to change the industry.

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From The Beginning

"We need the website to be as progressive as the event itself, which will be very progressive."

DMA is a well known name in the marketing world. So, when they approached us to move a website that was stuck on a very costly, hands-tied, proprietary content management system, we were happy to jump in and save the day.

After working with that event's team to migrate their website to Wordpress in just 6 weeks, complete with a responsive design and some custom filtering, DMA asked that we tackle the main event. Their Marquee Event, which happens every Fall is now called "&Then" and we were thrilled at the opportunity to redefine the digital experience as they redefined the event experience.

The Request

This event is going to be huge.

We needed to be on the cutting edge from a website perspective, with mobile compatible filtering of the schedule and a beautiful spotlight of the speakers at the event.

While working with the event branding company and taking their lead on the branding and vision for the conference itself, we were given the nod to take the lead on all of the digital development.

Identifying The Goals
 Launch the first version of the website in just 4 weeks  Challenge the way 2014 was digitally presented  Keep the site up to date with speakers and schedules

Making The Delivery

After a couple of face to face meetings in Washington D.C. and New York, we were off to the races, launching the first version of the full event website in just 4 weeks. Running through Agile Development Methods, we continued to update the site to adapt to this evolving event every other week.

As the materials are being fleshed out and added to the site, we’re also working on optimizing the website and adapting to the audience, using heat maps, analytics data and other insightful tools to make sure, in true marketing fashion, the website is serving it’s audience.

What We Did
 Launched a cutting edge website with new branding in 4 weeks  Built one kick @ss schedule filtering tool  Worked with DMA to enhance the design and add new materials

Where They Stand Today

8 Deployed versions
4 New pages per release
3 Agencies working together

How We've Grown & Learned

Events are fun

Ashley Bird, Director of Operations

There's something about taking an event and using the web to communicate and plan it. Delivering the key pieces that users need to see before buying that ticket, all the way through to providing the attendees with the information they need.

Keep Responsive Simple

Kyle Aikens, Creative Director

The beauty of responsive design is in it's simplicity. Design elements are meant to be kept relative and minimalist, easy to read design actually works well on multiple devices. It's always challenging to present a lot of information in a way that it can be digested on any screen size.

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