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Case Study Direct Marketing Association The wonderful folks at DMA reached out to us with a big idea, looking for a way to combine ALL of the websites in their organization into one, newly designed, fresh and modern site that they would be able to manage through a user friendly CMS.

What is DMA?

The largest organization for innovators, artists, creators, writers, analysts, strategists, and makers of all things related to marketing and powered by data. DMA attracts the world’s smartest brands and brings them together to celebrate innovation and excellence.

Innovation. Influence. Talent. Collaboration.

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From The Beginning

“We want DMA to energize, educate and excite. We want our audience to know they are going to learn something of value when they visit.”

From the blue sky kick-off DMA had big dreams: a clean, modern and intuitive design with an easy to navigate menu and a solid backend that supports the many required integrations. We prioritized by breaking the site into phases which built much-needed flexibility into the timeline.

The Request

DMA wanted their site to be as modern as their organization had become.

We wanted to attract the next generation of marketers, people who are new to the industry and might not know the DMA brand. We wanted DMA to drive innovation and keep visitors coming back to the site, always finding something new, refreshing, surprising and knowledgeable.

Our ultimate goal was to not only unify all DMA sites into one, but to offer the information up in fresh and inspiring ways, while at the same time, paying homage to the history and the legacy of DMA as they head into their 100th year anniversary. The design needed to show the evolution of DMA and the juxtaposition of the old DMA and the new, modern DMA.

Identifying The Goals
 Strategically combine all DMA sites into one, starting with the integration of their most highly-valued education site into the main DMA site  Remove all technical barriers that existed on the original site, allowing for greater flexibility and management  Launch Phase I of the new site in time for DMA’s yearly Board Meeting and in parallel to the &THEN15 event in Boston, MA

Making The Delivery

Working hand in hand with DMA throughout the entire process we were able to ensure that every step of the way we met—and even exceeded—expectations. Multiple design directions were presented and the sitemap refined until we had exactly the blueprints we needed to deliver success. Phases were outlined and agreed to, and by the time we launched into development we had stars in our eyes.

Launch day was a red letter day for our entire team: coordinated with four different organizations, synchronized with exacting precision and executed with perfection.

What We Did
 Fully integrated all DMA sites into one all-inclusive, beautiful, modern and easy-to-navigate site.  Deployed in multiple phases to allow for full integration of all blue sky functionality requests.  Trained the DMA team on backend functionality to ensure that they felt comfortable managing their new site and that all updates were seamless for them moving forward.

How We've Grown & Learned

Starting with the end in mind.

Ben LeDonni, Founder

Combining multiple websites was no easy feat. We learned that beginning with the end goal in mind is the best way to set ourselves and our clients up for success.

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