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Case Study Blind Squirrel Apparel Poker enthusiasts rolling the dice with a new brand of clothing; hats, hoodies and other gear to "Be Lucky". As they say, "Life is a Gamble. Take your shot".

Poker gear to bring every day luck

Blind Squirrel is High Quality Premium Gear made to keep players cool and comfortable throughout the course of a game, hanging out with friends or simply out on the town. Blind Squirrel Apparel’s mission is to make clothing for all those who set out in life to take risks in order to make their own “Luck”.

As they say, your lucky shirt should also be your most comfortable.

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From The Beginning

"We are a loyal brand looking for loyal partners who are willing to help us build our brand."

A.J.'s passion comes across in everything he does. Blind Squirrel, his company, and Bad Rhino, their Social Media partner, approached us with a working eCommerce site that just wasn't what they needed to take their online sales to the next level.

Something just wasn't right with their online store, as the brand had been gaining traction and performing well in stores, but the online orders weren't following suit (no pun intended).

The Request

"Take a look at our site and let us know what you would suggest". We never get tired of hearing a client or prospect say those words, and Blind Squirrel was no different. They gave us free reign to suggest a budget, timeline and roadmap for digital success with their brand.

Our suggestion was to work with Bad Rhino to "facelift" the current site and turn that around quickly, while redesigning an optimized site, garnering insight from their current site's data and brand discovery. Combined with a plan for ongoing Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and a small Pay Per Click campaign, we had a vision for the online sales soaring.

Identifying The Goals
 Make immediate changes as to not lose potential orders  Plan a redesign of the current site to optimize conversion  Create a strategic plan for the next 6 months and beyond

Making The Delivery

After a two week sprint, we updated their current Wordpress eCommerce theme to help with some of the stumbling blocks visitors were experiencing through checkout. While the changes were simple and obvious to us, they proved to make an obvious, immediate impact. Tasks like designing the cart, checkout and confirmation pages with clear calls to action (designed buttons) helped carry users through the checkout process.

Alongside those changes, we worked on planning the future look and feel for the brand with a new Wordpress Theme. Working in a development environment, we fine tuned the design, set up the page content and URLs based on what we learned from their keyword analysis and built a search optimized E-Commerce destination for those looking for poker gear.

And we haven’t stopped there. We continue to work together to increase traffic to the website and fine tune the site itself to turn more visitors into customers.

What We Did
 Launched a facelift to the current website in 2 weeks  Redesigned a beautiful new e-Commerce website  Created and monitored a brand-based Pay-Per-Click campaign  Optimized conversions, turning more visitors into customers

In first 3 months

223.56% Increase in Sessions
3.5X Monthly Online Sales
-38.78% Bounce Rate

How We've Grown & Learned

Remain Flexible, It’s Worth It!

Ashley Bird, Director of Operations

When working on the design with the BSA Team, we knew that their new website would need high resolution, gorgeous photos to support the design and enhance the site. As we moved through the project, the needed photos were always in the back of our mind, mentioned in every status call and the BSA Team was actively working to collect the desired images and arrange for a photoshoot to ensure that the site could launch with the wanted imagery. As the due date for site imagery approached it became clear that we would not have the images in time for the planned launch. Knowing that we did not want to launch without the best images possible, we delayed the launch by a week. The site launch ended up being delayed by a few weeks, all the while held up on imagery, but once we received the images it was clear that the wait was well worth it. High quality images made the site and the ability for us to stay flexible with their launch date and project timeline resulted in CMMS delivering a high quality, beautiful site.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Megan Powers, Assistant Account Manager

If you’ve seen the Blind Squirrel website, then you know these guys are all about having a good time and playing hard, but that’s not to say that they don’t work extremely hard as well. They’ve built an exceptionally successful business out of their passion for poker, and there’s nothing better than working with people who genuinely love what they do. We select clients that we know will work well with our team because teamwork really does make the dream work. A successful client partnership is key when building a new site under tight deadlines, and being able to work hand in hand with the guys at Blind Squirrel ensured that this process was a smooth one for everyone. Great websites and great businesses take hard work, but in the end that hard work always pays off.

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