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Case Study AgAmerica Land Loans Experienced Timber Farmers with a passion for helping local farmers secure funding.

Experienced Land Lenders

AgAmerica is a Florida-based lender specializing in the valuation of land. Their team members have years of personal ag expertise, plus extensive real estate know-how. AgAmerica has given new hope to many farmers, young and old, with properties ranging from hobby farms to farms their families depend on.

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From The Beginning

“At this point, we don't know what has worked in the past, how much we've spent and what to do next.”

We started with Land South Group, the company formerly known as AgAmerica, back in 2011. Without a digital arm of their business and lacking internal marketing support at the time, we worked with their small team to revamp some of their outdated digital presence. An exploratory call led to revamping three of their websites for the Banker's South group, including Land South Realty, Land South Group and Bankers South.

Poised for success with three newly designed websites, we worked together to help increase traffic to their websites from 2011 to 2014. In 2014, we launched, another seedling in their digital garden. With the help of a PPC campaign, quickly became a lead generation tool for farmers looking to get funding for Agricultural Loans.

The Request

We digitally nurtured our website seedlings with Online Marketing, pairing together a Pay Per Click Campaign with some ongoing Search Engine Optimization.

Towards the end of 2014, with some new members on the AgAmerica team, who were tasked to work with us on delivering even more value, we were able to create a relationship aimed not only at drawing traffic to the website, but also measuring its effectiveness. By making carefully calculated adjustments to the website we were able to turn the dials to maximize AgAmerica's investment in digital marketing with Creative MMS and Google.

We worked together to formulate a plan.

Identifying The Goals
 Generate a strategy for increasing leads online  Plan and build an SEO optimized website  Provide monthly insights as to digital performance  Build a new website based on historical data

The Delivery

Our digital version of sun and water helped the seedlings grow into mature plants that produced a bountiful harvest. Now, to maximize that harvest, we aimed to add On-page Conversion Optimization to our online marketing efforts, maximizing the number of leads that converted from visits to the website.

With some great learnings from 2014, we proactively marched into 2015 with a planned budget, some great insight into what would work and enough data to make a difference. These insights empowered Land South Group to focus almost completely on the AgAmerica brand in the digital space, and build out a full year campaign on how we would accomplish their goals, including a new SEO optimized website, building upon all we've learned.

Continuing to turn the dials and listen to the data, we continued to deliver more value via qualified leads through their new website.

What We Did
 Launched a fully search optimized, lead generating website  Increased traffic to the website using PPC and SEO  Boosted conversion, turning more visitors into leads  Reduced bounce rate and increased visitor engagement

Where They Stand Today

+253% More Monthly Leads
4X More Monthly Visitors
5 Years Together

How We've Grown & Learned

Data is so critical

Ben LeDonni, Founder & CEO

Data is so critical to the success of any campaign or project. It's a lot harder to be successful without any insight into how your audience perceives your brand, what keywords they use to find you, and what they do when they get to the website.

I've learned that the first piece of any Conversion Optimization is to make sure to put in enough data gathering tools in place to make sure you know what the dials will do when you turn them. If you don't have a PPC campaign yet, consider starting one and looking at the first 2 month expense as market research on what words people are using to find your product, brand or service online.

Search terms are interesting

Scott Johnson, Online Marketing Guru

The first assumptions of what terms customers use to find you are likely going to be wrong. It surprised me, especially on this project, how many times what I thought might work would get trumped by something I didn't see coming. The good news is that the tools are usually never wrong, but the important thing is to garner enough insight from them to shift towards even the most surprising market trends.

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