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digital disruption for digital innovators
The Art Of Disruption

Know Thy Competitor Back in the day, before I was a Digital Marketer and before I was an Optimization Strategist, I designed websites and offered CD-Rom Marketing. CD-Rom Marketing, ahhh that was a good gig. Back then it was convenient and fast. Not anymore. Damn you, Fios internet speed! Anyway. I used to look at… Read More

designing a user experience for businesses
6 Ways To Create A Successful User Experience

Designing The User Experience The goal of pretty much any website owner is rather simple: get users to keep coming back. This type of reaction to a website is not something that happens by accident. A great design is a business tool that is handcrafted to deliver a specific predetermined experience to a user. Here… Read More

client discovery
The Importance of Discovery – Part 2: Deliverables

[Part 2 in our series The Importance of Discovery] Discovery And Your Digital Project So you already read about the importance of discovery and why you need a discovery phase for your digital project. Great! You might be ready to start a new project and excited for discovery to begin, or maybe you still have… Read More

marketing tips for non-profits
Top 4 Non-Profit Marketing Tips for Your Business

Improve Your Marketing For Non-Profit Sure, you’ve heard of non-profits utilizing marketing best-practices from the business world, but the reverse? It’s true—with the help of social media many non-profits are making marketing work for them, in a big way. Check out these 4 non-profit marketing tips that could take your business to new heights… 1… Read More

digital discovery for clients
The Importance of Discovery – Part 1

[Part 1 in our series The Importance of Discovery] Digital Discovery and Why You Need It The Agency I want to work with just pitched us Discovery? Why? You found them. They are the agency you want to work with. They get design, maybe have the development resources you need and know the technology you… Read More

mobile first indexing in 2017
The Rise Of Mobile Indexing

Mobile First Indexing Is Here Mobile indexing has changed the way we interact and connect with businesses. Where desktop was once king, it has been dethroned by a much faster way to gain solutions. So it’s no surprise that Google will now start ranking your site based off of mobile indicators and the search results… Read More

user experience design and development
Customers Crave Digital User Experience Design

Why Your Customers Crave Digital User Experience Design (and they don’t even know it!) Wondering what User Experience (UX) design is and what it can do for you? Believe it or not, you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of digital UX design. UX design can be found on websites that are so intuitive, so useful that… Read More

website development tools for developers
The 4 Best Tools for Website Developers

Finding The Best Web Development Tools When coding a website for the first time, finding the right tools to develop efficiently can be a headache. With all of the options out there, it can be deceiving which ones are actually useful when coding and developing a website. Luckily I am here to give you the… Read More

digital marketing blog recap
5 Ways a Copywriter Engages Your Audience

Copywriters Get Results Sure, you took English class. You toiled over short stories. Even aced term papers (or at least handed them in on time—hair mussed, eyes bleary.) Even today you continue to craft informative, engaging emails and tweets on a daily basis. So…why do you need a copywriter? Keep on reading for 5 essential… Read More

BarCamp Philly 2016- the unconference event
BarCamp Philly 2016

BarCamp Philly 2016: An Unconference Recap Every once in a while a tech conference comes along and wows an audience. But what happens when you attend an “un-conference”? That’s exactly what happened when Creative MMS dispatched a team of highly trained digital media experts to BarCamp 2016. The Result: a creative collaboration that proved inspiration… Read More

Voice Search in 2017 for businesses and
Voice Search Optimization for Businesses

How Does Voice Search Work? Optimizing for voice search is not just about keyword terms. Search engines such as Google keep their algorithms focused on ranking factors. Contextual content that answers precise questions and provides additional information becomes imperative to success. How does voice search work? By incorporating high end technology such as Natural Language… Read More

junior web developer - CreativeMMS
Front End Web Developer: The Best Job To Have Right Out Of College?

A Little Background When I graduated in 2015, I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of googling and research I did to try and find the ideal field to kick-start my career. Having a Computer Science degree is cool and all, but the one thing they never taught was how to know which path… Read More

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