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Last week’s introduction of Facebook’s Graph Search opens a whole new can of worms in the tech field.  We’re talking about technology that replaces or assists already awesome technology.  We won’t go into the fright factor too much, as we know there are still quite a few people in the world who fear facebook not only for it’s privacy policies, but also for the users who pump out personal information to the network.  However, with little known about Graph Search at this point, it’s hard to say much else than, “Wow, that’s scary…and awesome.”

Facebook’s advancements aside, let’s talk about something with a few more years behind it: RSS.  RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  Break out the Media & Technology dictionary, right?  In short, an RSS Feed channels information, automatically, to a specified program, called a reader.  Readers could be anything from MS Outlook, to Apple Mail, to Google Reader, to a slew of other third party apps for Mac and PC.  You’ve more than likely seen the RSS orange icon on many of the website you visit daily.

Once the RSS feed is set up in your reader of choice, you should receive an email-like notifications alerting you of website updates.  And that’s that!  Pretty simple; but how much simplier is following someone on Twitter?

Face it, if you’re not actively using Twitter because you “just don’t get it,” you might be surprised at how much you can benefit from an account used to follow your favorite news networks, your favorite sports teams, or your personal role models, e-mentors, or maybe even friends.  So whether or not you’re actively tweeting, you’re still consuming.  You’ve essentially set up an RSS network, via Twitter.

Not only that, Twitter is a two way street – you can take all you want, but you can eventually start giving, too.  Start communicating with your friends, diving into the social environments television networks are pushing via hashtags, or even sending tweets to your favorite celebs (and start hoping for a word back).  It’s all possible with Twitter.

So what’ll it be?  There’s a lot of content out there on the net that can simplify your life, but how are you going to harness it?  Let us know your favorite notification methods in the comments, or, if you’re already there, get at us on Twitter by mentioning @CreativeMMS!

Take it easy, now. Ya hear?

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